DOV Salon
With his keenly critical eye, stylist and hairpiece designer Dov is definitely able to create new directions in beauty, style, and color that influence the Look seen on top models and celebrities worldwide. Dov’s training began at the early age of 20 in New York City where he learned and honed his craft with some of the best-known teachers in international beauty. He continued his hands-on education in the midst of the NYC fashion scene, working side by side with innovative fashion designers whose work continue to dominate the runways world-wide.

Inside his salon, Dov focuses much of his creativity as well as his cutting, coloring, and styling skills on custom-made hairpieces crafted out of human hair. After several consultations and discussions, Dov designs one-of-a-kind creations to suit individual lifestyles, personalities, and overall looks
Once completed, the hairpiece is then fitted, styled, cut, and shaped while his client is wearing it because only then can Dov finish off his creation according to his own rigorous standards. For those who are unable to make a personal visit to the Salon, Dov can also help you with the fitting by phone, email or webcam, while Dov's high quality service and standards remain uncompromised.

Through years of meticulous research and experimentation, Dov has also developed his signature “Kipette,” an original design, along with his in-demand “Magic Fall” and “Mini Fall,” all of which change your look from drab to fab! in a New York minute. Dov’s hairpieces are renowned for being lightweight, wearable, and absolutely natural looking. A master of customized beauty in every way, shape, and form, Dov is one of the major stars in the new generation of beauty designers for the 21st century.